Aurelia-orm needs an installation of aurelia-api and [email protected].


Start by following the instructions for the dependencies of orm, aurelia-api and aurelia-view-manager. When done, resume with the other steps.

Run npm i aurelia-orm --save from your project root.

It also has submodules and makes use of get-prop and typer. So, add following to the build.bundles.dependencies section of aurelia-project/aurelia.json.

"dependencies": [
  // ...
    "name": "aurelia-orm",
    "path": "../node_modules/aurelia-orm/dist/amd",
    "main": "aurelia-orm",
    "resources": [
    "name": "aurelia-validation",
    "path": "../node_modules/aurelia-validation/dist/amd",
    "main": "aurelia-validation"
  // ...


Run jspm i aurelia-orm npm:get-prop

And add following to the bundles.dist.aurelia.includes section of build/bundles.js:


If the installation results in having forks, try resolving them by running:

jspm inspect --forks
jspm resolve --only registry:[email protected]


Run npm i aurelia-orm --save from your project root.

Add aurelia-orm in the coreBundles.aurelia section of your webpack.config.js.


Npm-based installations pick up the typings automatically. For Jspm-based installations, run typings i github:spoonx/aurelia-orm or add "aurelia-orm": "github:spoonx/aurelia-orm", to your typings.json and run typings i.

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